Saturday, March 26, 2016


In less than two hours from the time of this writing, the Christian world will celebrate the Resurrection of The Christ, The Messiah, the Living Almighty God Jesus of Nazareth from the death of the Cross.

There are those who say that this is just a myth. It is not.

 They point to the wretched condition of the world and ask why He, being God, did not just make everything OK while He was with us.  
I have no complete answer but to tell you that Jesus made us in His image and gave us free will. It was Satan who came and tempted Eve to disobedience, and her falling for his lies forever tainted the human race. Satan knew the awful penalties God prescribed for rebellion against Him. He also knew the love He had - and has - for humans He created. So he sought to bring us into the same condemnation was under for his own attempt to seize the Throne of Heaven. Satan's thought was that God could not condemn him but exempt us from His standard of perfect goodness. And God, being just, could not.

And so it fell to Jesus to become a human baby, to grow up as a human kid, and to live as a human adult, fully tempted in every way to every sin any human has ever been tempted to: yet he sinned not, being God. 

Then he died on the Cross, an innocent man falsely accused and a perfect God abased of His own accord. He took the sins - past, present, and future - of all who would believe on Him and cast those sins into Hell. Then, having laid down His life, He took it up again and rose as my Savior. And yours, if you will have His mercy.

Yes, the world is a mess. But He is risen and he will return soon. Today I join my fellow believers in a celebration of joy. Happy Easter.

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