Thursday, March 31, 2016


Gentle Readers, we must admit that we at first held such hope for Donald Trump. Then we began to witness the cheese begin to slip right off his freaking cracker. We now frankly wonder if he's secretly  working for Hillary Clinton.
Trump never gives  any specifics when asked a direct question. Instead he changes the subject and mouths a bunch of glittering generalities after changing the subject. Trump does politics a la the late former Mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Barry.
When The Donald makes a gaffe - as he did lately when he said women who have abortions should face criminal penalties - he then walks it back and tones it down. And his support does not fall away. To the contrary, it becomes stronger still. Yet - at least according to the most recent polls - he is the ONLY Republican that Hillary or Bernie would beat if the election were held today.
We at the Alexandria Daily Poop fervently exhort everyone voting in the remaining Republican primaries and caucuses to select Ted Cruz as our man to run. There is too much at stake - a likely three Supreme Court nominations comes to mind - to choose the Court Jester to the Throne.

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