Friday, July 31, 2015


BY NOW we are sure everyone knows about the horrid videos showing officials of Planned Parenthood dickering over the price of human body parts "harvested" from aborted babies. PP apologists claim that the videos were "edited", but they don't offer to say what - if any - exculpatory content was edited out.
In a rather hokey ploy, the emergency PR firm hired by Planned Parenthood ran an ad featuring a woman who claimed that this nest of baby-murdering ghouls called "Planned Parenthood" helped her fight breast cancer. (There are other organizations that do NOT murder babies and "salvage" their organs for sale who could have helped just as well or better  The PR firm was simply trying to link these butchers to the popular cause of fighting breast cancer.)
Others keep saying that this ghastly trade is necessary for research into cures for everything from Parkinson's to AIDS. But ask them for even one example specific and they cannot answer, because there aren't any.
Congress, defund this bloody bunch immediately, and if Obama vetoes it, OVERRIDE HIM. 

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