Friday, July 31, 2015


     We are aware that it is a tad early to make predictions as to what will happen in November of next year, but we will here state what we think is shaping up.
     Hillary Clinton will eke out the Democrat nomination by the skin of her teeth. She will take Martin O'Malley as her VP choice as "assassination insurance".
Bernie Sanders will run as an independent after being barely beaten by Hillary, thus splitting the "kook" vote the Democrat party relies on.
     Donald Trump will get the Republican nod as the Republican rank and file pull a badly-needed putsch against the Establishment leadership in the primaries and caucuses. He will take either Ted Cruz or Scott Walker as VP.
     Trump will win in a landslide after loudly exposing the Democrats as the frauds they are and presenting sensible, workable ways to ensure the prosperity of this country and her citizens, and will put America FIRST for the first time in a good long while.

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