Friday, September 4, 2015


     Well may we ask. We have never EVER seen a sitting president and his Secretary of State do ANYTHING so bone-headed. We wonder if Obama is planning to surrender the United States to the Islamo-Nazis sometime before he's forced to leave office.
     What's almost as stupid is the way Congress allowed Obama to call what is clearly a treaty something other than a treaty, thus enabling him to push it through with only 34 votes in the Senate (to prevent his veto of a bill forbidding the implementation of the deal being overridden) instead of needing 3/4 of senators approving the damn thing as would have had to have been done if it were rightly called what it is, namely A TREATY.
   A treaty, by the way, which the Iranian mullahs will ignore whatever parts of they find inconvenient. Not that much of it is, since they have the "right" to be notified 28 days in advance of any inspections. Plus, THE AGREEMENT ALLOWS THE IRANIANS TO INSPECT THEIR MILITARY FACILITIES AND TO PROVIDE SOIL SAMPLES OF THEIR CHOOSING TO U.N. INSPECTORS. Yeah, that'll work. About as well as letting convicts search their own cells for shanks and hacksaw blades (like they apparently did a few weeks ago in Dannemora, New York; and see how well that worked?)
     Not only that, but it gives these known troublemakers access to lots of MONEY to use as wherewithal to carry out their deadly mischief. This is a bad deal, folks.
     Somebody in Congress needs to get busy and demand that a treaty be called a treaty and  be approved as required by the Constitution. We don't think the Constitution allows the House and the Senate to hand over the ratification of an international treaty to any President by the simple expedient of calling it something else.
     YOU can help by writing or e-mailing your Congressman and Senators urging them to call a treaty a treaty. There is a rally at the Capitol in Washington scheduled for September 9th to urge Congress to wipe this bad deal out. Please attend if you can. There's a lot more than "Obama's legacy" at stake here.

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