Monday, February 17, 2014


(This article is part of an occaisonal series concerning the domestic enemies of the United States, its culture, its society, and its Constitution)
"Anomie" is a situation, posited by sociologist Emile Durkheim, wherein there is a complete lack of standards, ethos, or norms. In both an individual and a society the end result of anomie is self-destruction. And what else but anomie could be the goal of this recent effort to change the definitions of sex, sexuality, and marriage until none of the things an individual uses to define his or her basic identity has any meaning whatsoever?
The "Facebook" social networking site now has fifty-seven different (and mostly bizarre) definitions for "gender identity", or what we used to define as "are you a boy or a girl?". I could concievably list myself as a lesbian trapped in a male body, I suppose.
In California, voters are trying to set up a referendum on a new law that requires public school students to choose their own "gender identity"  and use the restroom, shower, and dressing facilities appropriate to that "gender".  This means that some 13-year-old boy needs merely to announce that he feels like a girl today in order to shower off from PE with the girls and get an eyeful.
Attempts at arguing common sense about these issues results in one being called a Neanderthal, a bigot, and/or a bully. This is because common sense is what must be dulled and numbed if these attempts to erase any moral center (which they don't say it, but the Left intends to replace the natural moral center and replace it with their own astringent humorless dogma) that exists, the better to tear down the existing culture and replace it with one where these Leftists control every aspect of the lives of thosse they view as worker ants.
Once the Left gains control, even its most ardent supporters will find out that the leadership only wanted to have power ceded to them. Facsist Italy, National Socilaist Germany, Bolshevik Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, and China have all - and to the regret of the oppressed - found out what hapens when the Left gains control. Destroyng the norms of American society is an important tactic the Left uses for this purpose. The path to anomie MUST be rejected.

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