Friday, February 7, 2014


Gentle readers, you might think maybe I've been cowed into silence. This is not the case. I have instead been having a cow watching Obama, Reid, Pelosi; and their henchmen Jay Carney, Chuck Schumer and the truly vile sleazy-ass liar Chris VanHollen (D-Maryland) come up with ever more ridiculous defenses for this "Obamacare" debacle.
Just the other day, VanHollen said that the lack of full-time jobs due to the disastrous effects of Obamacare was actually a good thing because Obamacare has eliminated "job lock"; which roughly translates into "the need to hold down a steady job to pay for stuff you want and need".  That, folks, sounds like something that idiot BIDEN would say.
With the ASPs trying to convince people to buy their crap with moronic explanations like this, here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we've been too convulsed with laughter to write about it.
In other news, Alexandria's Congressional Representative, the loutish wife-beating Jew-hating Irish drunk James P. "Bugs" Moran announced he is retiring. HALLELUJAH!! Hey Bugs. Remember the cab driver who ditched your ass after you ordered him to wait in a "No Standing Anytime" zone while you went shopping at Whole Foods? That was me, asshole. Then as now, good fucking riddance.
Folks, it looks as though we're only going to be able to post once or twice a week for the time being. But thanks for reading.

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