Saturday, March 15, 2014


The way the Left talks one thing and does another - blatantly - is on full display here in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

The politicians on the City Council are on record deploring the lack of "affordable" (read: euphemism for low-rent) housing. Yet the move is on to tear out about 450 units of "affordable" housing and replace them with "luxury" condos and high-end shops. (Oh, yeah, and the developer will have to include some token number of Section 8 units, maybe 140 or so; but that's still less "affordable" housing for the low-income citizens, and many of these will be forced to move out of the City and perhaps out of Virginia altogether.

Maybe you "low-income" residents ought to re-think why you keep voting for Democrats who say they will fight for you at voting time but who then allow any developer with enough money and a promise of increased tax revenue to just throw your ass out on the street.

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