Friday, October 4, 2013


I am grateful that even in my absence I still have a corps of faithful readers. I know most of you have been wondering what I have to say about the current situation with the Federal  shut-down. I have a two word opinion on the issue: GODDAMNED POLITICIANS. (Of course, the Demonratz are the biggest slimeballs in this crap, but somebody needs to teach the Republicans how to play the blame game. Of course Ihave more extensive views, but time does not permit me to air them right now)
The reason I don't have time to air these views is that last Wednesday at 2:15 in the morning a dude driving a Metro street sweeper backed the fuck into my cab, and I've been dealing with lawyers and insurance people.
However, my cab's security camera captured a hilarious (and useful, but also if you weren't driving the cab it's a riot) video of the sweeper backing up, me blowing the horn and then yelling "Goddammit!" when the truck hit my cab.
The vid is coming to You Tube soon, and it will be titled "D.C. Metro Street Sweeper Backs Into Taxicab As Seen By The Taxi Driver"
So look for the vid, it'll probably be up sometime on Monday. And as always, thank you for reading the Alexandria Daily Poop.

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