Sunday, October 27, 2013

VIRGINIANS! VOTE FOR KEN CUCCINELLI! (The Libertarians can wait)

The upcoming Gubernatorial contest in Virginia is crucial both for the Commonwealth and the Republic. Cuccinelli, the current Attorney General is running in the face of an unprecedented smear campaign run by the completely inexperienced Democrat Party fundraiser and party-line toadie Terry McAuliffe.

The Democrats would have you believe that Cuccinelli is a  "Radical TEA party racist".  BUT the FACT is that Cuccinelli stood up for a black man who had been unjustly imprisoned, and obtained for him NOT a pardon, but a writ of actual innocence. If that man were dependent on McAuliffe to free him, he'd still be in jail because he doesn't have half a million bucks laying around to donate to the Democrat Party.
Even if you believe the bullcrap about Cuccinelli being "anti-gay", you should consider that partying costs money. Moral crusaders defeat their own purposes when they try to ensure that we commoners have more money to spend on our desires.  The Democrats talk a good game, but by the time McAuliffe gets through with Virginia, everyone will be so broke that the verb "to party" will become outdated.
For these and so many more reasons, vote for Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia on election day. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE ON A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE! (Use your vote for Lieutenant Governor for that purpose).

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