Monday, September 30, 2013


We were feeling pretty apathetic these last few days. In fact we were thinking of stopping production of this E-rag. But nothing inspires us better than to hear the torrent of lies that has been poutring forth from the mouths of Obama and his handlers regarding the impending "shut down" of the Federal government.
We grew up in the Dayton, Ohio area, and although we have had a few rough spots here in the DC area, it is nothing compared to the suffering being endured in our beloved home town. We are more than a bit amused at the angst being expressed in the National Capital region at the prospect of the Federal government being stripped down to "just the essentials". In fact, that ought to be permanent.
Be that as it may, I will gladly endure the suffering that will descend on the DC area as a result of a Federal shut-down. It's about time that the weenies who live here get a taste of what it's like (and has been like for a LONG GODDAMN TIME) In Ohio.
Now, the Democrat Party has been trumpeting this impending shut-down as a national emergency and they have been trying to lay it at the feet of the Republican Party. But the current goings-on are the result of the efforts of conservatives attempting to work the will of the People, who can see that Obamacare will ruin EVERYTHING. The situation we are in right now is NOT the result of Republicans "holding the economy hostage for political ends". It is the result of Obama and his henchmen using every filthy trick possible to make sure that this Statist Trojan horse masquerading as "health care law" gets completely inside the gates of the city. That will enable their dream of mandating every aspect of every American citizen's life.
And that is why the Federal government will probably shut down - except for "essential services" - tomorrow. Here in the DC area, we will suffer, no doubt about it. But as to my beloved Dayton and the rest of the nation, it may well be a welcome respite.
No matter the consequences, however, this impending shut down is not the result of Republicans being "sore losers". It is the result of Obama and his coterie of gangsters trying to shove fascism down the throats of a populace who do not want it. However this works out, remember this when you vote. 

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