Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We have been having technical difficulties in that the neighborhood WiFi hot spot has fallen victim to the Obama "recovery" and shut down. This is being written at a bar in the west end of Alexandria, and it is really hard to concentrate. Also I cannot smoke here, so I'm not relaxed.
Fear not, gentle readers; Your Beloved Editor has not had some ghastly fate befall him. The aforementioned technical difficulties ave however combined with the fact that this Syrian affair is so multifaceted and is developing so damned fast that anything I post will likely turn out to be wrong before the first person reads it.
I do have a few opinions.
The way Obama has been handling this conjures up an image in my mind of him in a clown suit, with one foot in a bucket of paint and the other stepping on his dick.
What we should do about Syria is watch, and remind both sides that whoever wins had better make nice with Washington or else no money, honey.
We'll be back online as soon as we can get an internet connection without having to travel clear to the other side of the city. (I am a cheapskate).

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