Monday, October 10, 2011


WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING WITH AMUSEMENT AS THE IDLE YOUTH OF THE LEFT CONDUCT A SERIES OF EVENTS THEY ARE PLEASED TO CALL THE "OCCUPATION" OF VARIOUS CITIES AND AREAS. These crowds of kids with too much time on their hands, (and of course led and organized by the usual 1960s park and beach trash who raised hell back during the Nam) have engaged in ever-more ridiculous stunts since their multi-city circus began.

First the kids dressed up like money-eating zombies, makeup and all, and gave press interviews sounding like: Ugggh! Arrg! Must... eat...! Yurggghh!"

How very original. How very mature.

Then, disappointed and angry that nobody gave them any candy (Halloween's 20 days away, idiots), they then tried to barge into the Air and Space Museum in order to scream curses at a Predator drone plane for killing bad guys.

Hey, fools. Obama is the guy who commands the plane. Scream at him. The plane can't hear you.

At any rate they were so insistent that the police had to be summoned, and pepper spray and batons and tasers had to be used to repel the demonstrators.

One guy was so pissed about the economy being so lousy and jobs being so scarce he quit his job to demonstrate against the lack of jobs. I hope that yokel receives the effusive thanks of the guy who got the job of replacing him. I also hope he finds some way of spreading that thanks on a cracker to feed himself. What an idiot, and these - demonstrations, are they? - are absolutely loaded with human cartoons like him.

A bunch of folks protested their lack of fundage by burning ones, tens, and twenties. "I'm broke, dammit!! See, I'll prove it, I just set fire to my last five bucks! Hey, by the way, could you get me some coffee? I just burned my last money."

What is really astounding is the amount of racism these mobs of boneheads demonstrate. I guess it's understandable, because Commie rat and former Obama czar Van Jones said that the Occupiers were "the TEA party" of the Left, and Lefties have always said the TEA party is racist.

That explains the jerks bitching over a PA system about the "Thieving rich Jews", etcetera. Huh. Socialism plus anti-Jewish rhetoric. Where have we heard that before?

And in Atlanta, an overwhelmingly white mob elected to forbid civil rights legend congressman John Lewis from addressing their rally. When someone tried to issue an apology to Lewis, he was shouted down by the mob.

And so it goes, all of these white leftists "demonstrating" what a complete and utter pack of scatterbrained, destructive, foul, demanding pains-in-the-ass they are. And here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we thank you old hippies and you young fools for putting on this demonstration of what exactly it is that "president" Obama and Missy Nancy Pelosi support. They support YOU IDIOTS and have said so. You have exposed beautifully just what a gang of flaming assholes the "progressive" Statist lefties are.

The taking a crap on a police car was a nice touch. On behalf of the TEA party and the Republican nominees for all offices next November, we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop thank you.

Now go home. Mommy has your din-din and nice warm beddy-bye all ready for you.

You punk-ass maggots.

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