Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When the election of "president" Barack Hussein Obama was looming, the value of firearms rose and firearms sales took off. There was much discussion on the various gun-owner's forums about what the election of Obama would mean, and of how close we were to "The Day" when we would have to either take up arms against a rogue government or in the alternative be plunged into the darkness of a statist tyranny. Serious debate was waged over such things as to whether to get an AK-47 (since it is famously reliable - let it rust shut, then kick open the bolt, load it and fire) or a semiautomatic version of the M-16 or its variants (since ammunition could be obtained by theft from Government sources if need be).

For the most part I tried to calm such talk. After all, "The Day" would mean the onset of American Civil War II; and this war would not be fought as the first one was, with one rebel government and its loyal States fielding uniformed orders of battle, as ACWI was fought in the East. ACWII would be fought more like what occurred in Kansas and Missouri during our last civil conflict. ACWII would resemble Somalia or Rwanda complete with the unspeakable butchery and horrors those conflicts engendered.

My position has always been that everyone needs to be prepared for something like this, BUT keep in mind that it is extremely unlikely to happen. After all, the Founders of our Nation put into place a system of division and separation of powers and a brilliant staggering of elections which make it all but impossible for a bunch of kooks to seize power and do irreparable damage to the Nation.

Here's a little Civics 101: The most powerful single PERSON in government is the Executive (or the Presidency). The President (currently "president" Obama) signs treaties, nominates high officials, commissions military officers, and is the Commander In Chief of the American military. BUT!

The most powerful BRANCH of government is the United States Congress. Congress can block just about anything the President wants and can force just about anything they want to past his objections. However, Congress is split into two parts. The most powerful part of the Congress is the House of Representatives. Nothing gets done without the approval of the House of Representatives, because the House must first approve ANY expenditure of money. A bill might pass both Houses for example authorizing the construction of a replica of the Colossus of Rhodes. But until the House of Representatives votes the money to actually fund it, the thing will not get done.

But no matter what the House of Representatives does, it STILL needs to get past the Senate. One hundred Senators - two from each State - can turn on MAJOR stopping power simply by refusing to shut the fuck up, and all they need is 41 motormouths. But at the same time, if the Senate wants something, they STILL need to successfully woo a majority in the House; which has more than 425 squabbling members.

The other Branch is the Judiciary, with the United States Supreme Court at the top. But judges and Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President with "the advice and consent of the Senate"; and the House must still approve the Judiciary's budget.

And so the most powerful PERSON in the United States is subject to re-election every FOUR YEARS; and his tour of duty cannot exceed two tours of four years in elected office as President.

The most powerful House of the most powerful BRANCH of government, the House of Representatives, faces the prospect of a 100 percent turnover every TWO YEARS.

However, the Senate (which is allowed to call itself the "upper house of Congress" despite the fact that they have to beg the House of Representatives for money) only faces the election of ONE THIRD of its membership every SIX years. This means that even if the Presidency is taken by an extremist AND House winds up being overrun with extremists, there will almost assuredly be enough opposing Senators to foil attempts to pervert the government, and the extremists will either have to move so slowly that they will not accomplish their goals in two years, OR that they will have to move so fast that they will not be able to hide the jiggery-pokery from the voters, who will of course eject them in the next election.

But what would happen if one party were effectively hijacked by extremists and gained control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress - with a filibuster proof majority in the Senate?

That is what happened in November 2008. And for two years, the Democrat left sought to push through its statist agenda; and they had quite a measure of success. Then, in November of 2010, We the People had our say. And we said to the Statists:


The writing is on the wall for the Statist Left. They are doomed in November 2012 and they damned well know it.

Now comes Governor Beverly Perdue (D-NC) to say that, um, well maybe we need to suspend the November 2012 elections. This sentiment has been voiced by more than one Obama official also.

See, folks; I have long said that the only scenario that would justify the implementation of the Second Amendment in its true intent - defense against tyranny - would be the announcement that the people holding office refused to leave and that our Constitution be suspended to allow them to stay in power. Even in that event, mechanisms exist to disabuse the powers-that-be that peculiar notion.

But in the event that the Statists are successful, it will be time for We the People to defend ourselves by main force of arms.

We must pray this contingency never comes upon us. But if it does, I am ready.

How about you??

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