Saturday, September 3, 2011

ZA VASHI ZDROVNIA (or something that sounds sorta like that)

Imagine my surprise today when, while checking the stats for this here piece of E-fishwrap, I discovered that someone using a Russian search engine actually looked for this specific blog! I've gotten hits from this search engine before, but always the search was for some topic that somehow linked to this blog. Howdy do, Ivan; and I hope you are quite entertained by what I have to say here. What attracted you to this blog?

Is it the masthead photo of me and my Smith and Wesson K-38 Combat Masterpiece? AH, Amerikanski nutjobski with cowboy gun! Those Amerikanskis crazy!

Or maybe it's the way I openly insult our (so-called) "president". Hey, Ivan. This here is America. I can say whatever the fuck I want and NOBODY CAN DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT except disagree with me, and if they do then I have two words for them and those two words are NOT "Happy Birthday".

Hey, Ivan. Speaking of national leaders what is with this Putin guy? He's not the top guy over there, except he totally is. I'm not saying anything about YOU personally, but Putin seems to think he can just screw the United States in the ass as long as we have this fool of a "president". You need to tell Putin that Obama is going to be replaced very soon, and very likely by an American Nationalist.

You know, Ivan, I am really glad that our two nations are (kinda-sorta) friends. Let me tell you, you even made a better enemy than what we are facing now. At least you guys value your own hides as much as we do ours, and that's the reason we never incinerated each other even though we came damned close to it a whole bunch of times.

So don't be shy, my Balalaika Buddy. Post a comment. I'm having a beer right now. You having some vodka?

Za Vashi Zdrovnya (sorry, best I could approximate the traditional Russian toast. When I try to speak Russian I sound like I am gargling with banana pudding. )


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