Sunday, April 24, 2011


MUCH ATTENTION HAS BEEN DIRECTED TO THE PREDICTION OF ONE HAROLD CAMPING THAT THE "RAPTURE" OF CHRISTIANS WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE 21ST DAY OF NEXT MONTH. Both Christians and those who hate them would love for this to be true. In fact, I would welcome it in the next ten minutes. It is hard to fathom how much worse things can get before God finally says "ENOUGH!!"

Israel is surrounded by enemies, one of which - Iran - is trying like mad to develop a nuclear weapon which her president Mahmoud Ahmedi-Nijad has all but promised to use to blow Israel off the map. Scientists are using their knowledge to try and manipulate life. There is a proposition afoot in the United Nations to give human rights to insects and trees and rocks (and no, i''m NOT KIDDING).

The world has gone COMPLETELY INSANE.

May 21st??? I would not be surprised if God decided he'd finally had it in the next ten seconds.
But Camping has been wrong before. He claims that "further study" has enlightened him. However, the "clear teaching of the Bible" he claims to espouse teaches that "no man knows the day or hour".

And why is knowing the date so important? Shouldn't Christians be prepared always for this event? Shouldn't we always be trying to lead others on the path to God and Heaven?
One day, and soon, I hope, the dead who are in Christ will arise to meet Him, and we who are alive will be taken up to join Him in the air, and so shall we always be with the LORD.
Something tells me that Brother Camping will be among us, and that Jesus will look at him and say something like:

"Harry, you're an idiot. But I still love you."

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