Tuesday, March 29, 2011


MANY IF NOT MOST OF OUR THREE READERS WILL NOT REMEMBER THE "LI'L ABNER" COMIC STRIP WRITTEN AND DRAWN BY AL CAPP. WE HAVE REFERENCED THE STRIP BEFORE IN THIS PUBLICATION (enter "shmoo" in the search box). THE STRIP WAS ABOUT A BUNCH OF HILLBILLIES IN THE FICTITIOUS TOWN OF DOGPATCH. THE MAIN CHARACTER, "LI'L ABNER" YOKUM, READ THE FUNNIES RELIGIOUSLY, AND HIS HERO WAS AN INEPT BUT WELL-MEANING DETECTIVE NAMED "FEARLESS FOSDICK". In one memorable episode, the Chief of Police tells Fosdick that some fiend had planted cans of poisoned beans in local supermarkets. The Chief ordered Fosdick to make sure nobody ate those beans. Fosdick carried out his assignment by posting himself at the grocers and shooting anyone who tried to purchase a can of beans.

Now comes "President" Obama, at first dithering and then - with the advise and consent of the United Nations - bombing Libya. In the name of "regime change"? NO! No, the bombing (and recently, the use of AC130 "Spectre" gunships) is being done on "humanitarian" grounds. Albert Schweitzer and Mahatma Ghandi must be beaming smiles down from Heaven on "president" Obama. He has made history. He has conducted the world's first "humanitarian" bombing campaign. Can you imagine if Dubya had called the invasion of Iraq a "humanitarian endeavor"?? What a joke of a "president" we have. He needs to step down NOW, or in the alternative, be impeached. Life imitates Fearless Fosdick? What a joke.

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