Monday, February 14, 2011


I imagine that at least one of the three people who read this E-fishwrap wonder where the hell I have been for a month. Sorry to disappoint any lefties out there, but no, I have not been arrested. I knocked over a beer onto the keyboard of the laptop I was using and fried the guts of the machine. Fortunately the hard drive is okay, but I had to refurbish my other computer to accept the files and programs. Now that's done at a cost of $250; so here I am, patriot friends and leftist cocksuckers.

Speaking of leftist cocksuckers, I ran into one at the pub down the street about a week after I drowned my laptop. He had read my last post and told me I was "morally reprehesible" because I called the Tuscon shooter "a nice young man".

Now this is how the Lefties work, folks. They sort through a field of statements they cannot refute, take a few words completely out of context, and attack ad hominem. This is not news to me, and this time it backfired. Someone overheard, wanted to read the post, and told him he was full of shit. Lesson to the Lefties: Your crap won't work anymore. People are paying attention, they are noticing, and you are doomed.

I am glad to report that the Leftist/Brady Bunch effort to eke out at least a little victory for themselves via this tragedy are now looking like fools (again). The plan was to get the camel's nose under the gun-owner's tent by calling for a ban on "high capacity magazines". But even with intense research, all they could come up with was that since the end of the so-called "assault weapons ban"; Virginia police have seized "high-capacity magazines" at a greater percentage of crime scenes. There was NO indication that more folks have died because of the high-cap magazines, and obviously the magazines did not commit whatever crime they were seized at (which could have been something completely unrelated to firearms, such as a whorehouse). So, pooh. Rahm Emanuel must be livid, another crisis gone to waste....

FINALLY, there is the little matter of Hosni Mubarek's early semi-involuntary retirement. For right now I am withholding judgment. That's the Egyptians' problem. They better have more sense than to try to make it our problem. Because we will solve it for them, and maybe they won't like the way we do it.

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