Monday, January 10, 2011


You would have to be Helen Keller not to know about the tragic shooting spree in Tuscon Arizona over the weekend. Six people are dead, including a Federal judge and a nine year old girl, and at least fourteen more are wounded to varying degrees. The primary target of the deranged young man who did the shooting, Representative Gifford, has so far survived. (Evidently the kid was using full metal jacketed ammunition, which does not "expand"; so the round went straight through Gifford's brain. A hollow-point round would have transferred much more of its force to Gifford's brain, and would probably have been immediately lethal).

Before the cartridge casings had been picked up off the ground, the Sheriff of Pima County (who is charged with finding the facts of this case) weighed in with a partisan screed right out of the Leftist playbook. This shooting, he assured us, was the natural result of the "vicious, angry" political discourse by people who "seek to obstruct those who would make this country a better place"; that it was a symptom of "bigotry" blah-de-blah.

The rest of the Left, especially the various anti-2nd Amendment groups, had to wait until they had finished dancing jigs before they came out to the cameras and solemnly pronounced that this was the last straw, that it's time to crack down on guns (rather than criminals, of course.)

From the bull crap flowing from the Leftist media trolls and congressmen like my Representative James P. "Bugs" Moran, you would think that the gunman was the founder of the TEA party movement and President of the National Rifle Association.

Even as the facts about the shooting and the gunman trickled out, even as it became plainer and plainer that here was a nutball kid with a Wack-A-Mole game where his brain should be, the drumbeat continued that he had been influenced and inspired by conservative "anger". In fact he seems to have been inspired by nothing more than his own paranoid fantasies. The media reported that he liked to read "Mein Kampf". But they left out the fact that he was equally if not more so fond of Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto".

This young man had a You Tube channel, which I have reviewed. His uploads consist of scrolling text that is so convoluted as to be almost unreadable, consiting of pontifications on "conscience" (I am pretty sure he meant "concious") dreaming. The text is accompanied by dramatic music. It should have had a cuckoo clock sounding in the background. The kid is a real screwball, and certainly no representative of the TEA parties nor of the Conservative movement. He was rejected from the Army for being a pothead. And he had been stalking Giffords since the last years of the Bush administration, long before the advent of the TEA party. He was influenced by nothing more than the voices in his head.

But never mind all that. The Left is in a full-court press to blame his actions on the "easy availability of handguns" and the voices of the Conservative Movement.

Perhaps more ominous than the cavalier suggestions for the abrogation of the 2nd Amendment are the restrictions on free speech the Left is hinting - if not openly calling for. One Pennsylvania Democrat is calling for criminalizing the criticism of (Democrat) legislators.

Well, Demon-Ratz, here's what the Alexandria Daily Poop has to say to you:

First, if you fear the climate of "anger" you percieve, THEN FUCKING STOP PISSING THE PEOPLE OFF.

Second, if "TEA partiers" plus "easily available semi-automatic weapons" are the essential ingredients for mass shootings, THEN HOW COME YOU NEVER SEE A MASS SHOOTING AT A GUN SHOW??

If you goddamned Leftists want to portray your opponents as assassination-mongers, if you think that advocating "violent solutions" is such a bad fucking thing, THEN WHY THE HELL DID WE NOT HEAR HOWLS OF PROTEST FROM YOU WHEN A PHONY DOCUMENTARY (crockumentary?) WAS MADE PURPORTING TO DEPICT THE ASSASSINATION OF GEORGE W. BUSH??

You frauds go right ahead and try and ban everybody from Rush on down to me from speaking our minds in the public square. You go right ahead and try to restrict the Constitutionally Enumerated Right To Keep And Bear Arms. I for one will not lay down my arms, shut my mouth, and obey you. Go right ahead and talk all you want to, and broadcast it all over; and expose yourselves for the Statist fascists you most certainly are. You may yet get your wish and get to engage my side in street brawls (which you lefties love, judging from the way your political rallies are conducted). You are slime. Jared Whazizname, the gunman, is morally superior to you. My evidence of this?

Jared took a taxicab to the event. Before he started shooting, he went to an ATM, withdrew cash, and paid the driver. He could have just as easily mown the driver down.

What a nice young man, especially compared to you Ratz, and hey, Bugs? I especially mean you.

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