Wednesday, November 3, 2010

VICTORY 2010!!!

THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, POWERED BY THE ENERGY PROVIDED BY THE POLITICAL SUB-CULTURE KNOWN AS THE "TEA PARTY", WRESTED CONTROL OF THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES YESTERDAY. By the time everything gets sorted, Republicans might have as many as nine more seats in the Senate, to boot. If a seat won by a Democrat is a close call, a recount could hand the Republicans the magic tenth seat and control of that body, too.

Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we are somewhat dismayed that the foul-mouthed Jew-hating wife-beating little Black kid-abusing drunk Jim "Bugs" Moran is still our representative in Congress. (In a truly appalling action, Moran, upon spotting a volunteer for his opponent handing out campaign literature at a Metro station on Monday, launched an obscene rant at the Murray rep. What a jerk).

But overall, a great day for freedom. There is a lot of talk about Obama's veto power, but right now those Democrats left standing will need to think about what will happen in 2012 before they decline to help override those vetoes. And in any case the Republicans now have the power of the subpoena and all the Committee Chairs. So at a minimum, they can turn on a little stopping power.

Now if only they can find some reason to impeach Biden, select a TEA party approved Veep, and THEN impeach Obama, giving us a Republican President. (Shut up. We reserve the right to dream.)

If I could offer but one word of advice to the incoming Republicans, it would be this: ALWAYS REMEMBER that Democrats define "Bipartisanship" as "Republicans drop the soap in the shower". So don't drop the soap.
Sweet victory. Good luck.

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