Sunday, October 31, 2010


YESTERDAY "COMEDY CENTRAL"'S "DAILY SHOW" HOST JON STEWART HELD HIS MUCH-VAUNTED "RESTORE SANITY" RALLLY ON THE NATIONAL MALL IN WASHINGTON, D.C. This affair was touted as some kind of antidote to the alleged "racism" of Glenn Beck's rally a few months ago.

One of the main complaints about Beck's rally was the alleged absence of "people of color". But this "Restore Sanity" affair was whiter than Beck's was. The difference is that Stewart's rally was populated by fools, each more ridiculously dressed than the next.

As rallies go in D.C. this one wasn't anywhere near as big as Beck's, but the idiots who attended evidently couldn't work Metro's farecard machines, as lines into the Metro stations stretched for hundreds of feet, causing many folks to seek the assistance of cabdrivers such as Yours Truly.

So thanks, you idiots. I made three hundred bucks off you yesterday. Which goes a long way toward maintaining MY sanity.

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