Friday, November 19, 2010


Honestly, dear readers, so much has been happening recently that we have been having a hard time figuring out what to comment on. Not only that, but by the time we have found time to issue a post, the situation has taken a new twist. Fourteen hours of driving a taxi for a living leaves us precious little time, so right now we are going to try to play a little catchup on the following:

DEMOCRAT REPRESENTATIVE CHARLES RANGEL, who was recommended for censure; who stood in the House Well and tearfully begged mercy from his colleagues. This from the man who has for years written the Nation's tax laws as head of what they like to call "the powerful House Ways and Means Committee". (The Obamacare bill by the way originated in that committee, and - just as we predicted in this Blog - now that the "individual mandate" is being challenged in court as an abuse of the "Interstate Commerce Clause", the Ratz are indeed trying to cite the taxing power of the Congress as their authority for it.) But the tax laws he burdened the common citizen with were not for him, or so he thought. Censured? He should be arrested.

AIRPORT SECURITY SEARCHES, which entail the choice of either having someone being able to see your naked body (while being zapped with X-rays into the bargain) OR being felt up most intimately. This is done to ordinary schmoes in the name of preventing reliance on "profiling". How singling someone out because he or she exhibits a certain pattern of characteristics and/or behaviors is worse than letting an adult stranger feel around a 12-year-old kid's genitals sure does beat us, but sundry government officials assure us that this is indeed the case. Sounds like BULLSHIT to us.

DEFUNDING PUBLIC BROADCASTING is an idea whose time has come. NPR's infamous firing of Juan Williams was the last straw for most of us, but more than that; "Non-Commercial Public Broadcasting" has for years been running what are in- all-but-name advertisments for various businesses, complete with short descriptions of their products. Common citizens are acknowledged as "viewers like you". Which is strange, since viewers like me flip the channel when they start begging for money. Let 'em sink or swim like everybody else.

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