Thursday, November 12, 2009


SOMEONE MADE A COMMENT ON THE MOST RECENT POST ON THIS BLOG; TO WIT: "ISLAM EXPLAINED" This comment was made anonymously, and for the purposes of this post I am dropping the editorial "we" and addressing the matter personally.

I do not require folks to identify themselves when they make comments. But the commentator addressing the aforementioned post said: "Catch AIDS and die like you deserve you filthy faggot". I deleted that comment, but on reflection I have decided to put it up front here so the world can see what an ass the commentor is. I have the following to say to this person:

YOU, SIR, ARE A FUCKING COWARD. I put my name to my statements. You did not put your name to yours. You are a pissant, bub. An inconsequential pissant who is scared to death to put his name to his own words. I dare you, you despicable pussy, to post the comment with your name on it. Of course you will not.

I do not hide my name or who I am. I do not say or do or post one single thing on the Internet or anywhere else that I would not be quite happy to see published on the front page of the local newspaper. YOU however seem to think you can hide behind the Internet. You are a sissyboy. There are faggots galore who could knock you into next week, and you are obviously scared shitless. You poor pathetic little pussyboy. Go suck your thumb.

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