Thursday, November 26, 2009


WELL YOU MAY WONDER JUST EXACTLY WHAT WE AT THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP FEEL THANKFUL FOR THIS ANNUAL DAY OF GRATITUDE; what with a communist nincompoop running the country (to the ground) and bowing to foreign princes and putting war criminals into our civilian criminal justice system; with a recession that just seems like it will never let up, with us personally on the verge of losing everything and we do mean everything. And we do say that we try to be cynical but it is really hard keeping up these days. But we will give it a go.

Let us give thanks that "president" Obama has not been killed, despite the fact that a couple of party crashers fast-talked their way uninvited to a STATE DINNER AT THE WHITE HOUSE OH MAH GAWD. We at the ADP cannot stand "president" Obama, but we prefer he be impeached or voted out of the White House and not carried out. Otherwise the riots that would ensue would be horrendous. And let's not even mention the possibility of "president" Barack Hussein Obama in Arlington Cemetery. Isn't it bad enough that Ted Kennedy is taking his dirt nap there?

Let us be thankful for our Constitution, which mandates that the entire US House of Representaatives and one third of the Senate be up for grabs every two years. This arrangement has forced the hand of the DemonRatz. They have gone too far too fast and America is waking up to the hustle. The "wait a minute, not so fast" instinct has kicked in. And indeed Obama and the Ratz stink so badly that not even Saturday Night Live can stand it.

And thanks be for the blessing of the talent of whomever hacked and published the Emails of a cabal of corrupt "scientists" who have been trying to scare us all about "global Warming" or "climate change" or whatever they are going to call it now that it has been exposed as a fraud.

And personally we are thankful for hope itself; and for the good friends with whom we will partake of the Thanksgiving feast later this afternoon. Whether you are feasting and hanging out with friends, family or both this day; be aware that in the end it is just that closeness and bonhommie that makes life livable even in these somewhat dark days. The smile and the laughter of a friend or a family member is something money cannot buy. But in extremity it can easily be obtained by the simple device of falling down slam on your ass.

From the multiple personalities who produce and edit the Alexandria Daily Poop.

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