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Saul Alinsky is a dead white Leftist who wrote a book called "Rules for Radicals" back in the sixties just before he croaked. It is fascinating reading. It is also the Bible of the Democrat Extremist Left (now redundant) and Barack Hussein Obama, the alleged "President" of the United States.

Alinsky alleged that Machiavelli's "The Prince" was written to instruct "the Haves" on how to hold on to power, whilst "Rules for Radicals" was written to instruct the "Have-Nots" on how to take it away. A key element of Rules is that the Middle Class must be made to feel so dejected and hopeless that they would be willing to embrace "change". Then the battle for power would be fought "by any means necessary"; indeed the book contains an entire section on justifying the tactics to be used, which include isolating, demonizing and ridiculing anyone opposing the agenda of seizure of power. An interesting twist is Alinsky's statement that these outrageous means must be "clothed in moral arguments".

Thus we see the radicals stating that Jesus was "born homeless" (he wasn't; his parents had been ordered to Bethlehem to pay their damn taxes and the hotels were all booked solid) and that Robin Hood "robbed the Rich to give to the Poor" - this seemingly justifies the "spread the wealth around" bosh that Obama gave Joe the Plumber, but in fact Robin of Locksley robbed the taxman and gave the money back to the man who earned it - and other such twaddle. Meanwhile a Democrat congressman who has sex with a 17-year old page right in his office is merely censured (Gerry Studds, D-Ma) but a Republican congressman who solicits a 17-year-old male nude dancer in a Washington dive is run out of office amid Democrat catcalls of "pervert" (Robert Baumann, R-Md). Morality to the Alinskyite is whatever works in the present situation, and that is what his entire section on ethics boils down to.

Alinsky's methods have been tried time and again but were largely ultimately thwarted in the end. Then came the Democrat National Convention of 2004, when out of the blue an obscure, inexperienced inconsequential freshman Senator from Illinois was offered as a major speaker. His name was Barack Hussein Obama. And he had been an Alynski disciple all his life.

With the Democrat takeover of the House and Senate in 2006 the stage was set for the first phase of the Allinskyite agenda, the rendering of the middle class dejected and hopeless and ready for change. For most of the next two years Obama kept a low profile insisting he wanted "more experience" before a Presidential run. It was a lie. The Democrat leadership had been grooming him from the beginning. In 2008, with the ground well prepared, Obama burst on the scene again offering "Hope" to those made hopeless and "change" to the newly ready. Like saps, 52% of the country bought into his siren song. Now here we are, with the Alinskyites in a full-court press to seize power as fast and as far as possible. They will fail.

In order to achieve the election of Obama, it was first needful to reduce the middle classes to the state of looking to someone for "Hope". This can only be done through creation of economic stress. The craftiness and sheer amorality (whilst clothing their amorality in moral garb) of the Alinskyite Democrats - and (it must be noted) the spinelessness of the Republicans in their (lack of) effort to expose and oppose them attained this goal. From that point forward, "Change You Can Believe In" became the best campaign slogan since "Ein Riech, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer". And so on November 5 2009 the nation awoke to President-Elect Obama. Alinskyism had reached its apogee.

But in these United States we have an odd characteristic. We expect a politician who promises so much to at least be able to deliver on a majority - only a fool expects the whole nine yards - of his campaign promises. To do even a quarter of what Obama had promised would require a lot of money. And therein lies the rub. To bring the middle class to the brink of poverty and despair had required the damned near wrecking of the economy, which is the engine that generates tax dollars needed for expensive programs. The massive and futile "stimulus" programs have further strained an already critically stressed treasury. Bailouts designed ostensibly to save industries from Chapter 11 bankruptcy have led only to chapter 11 bankruptcy anyway. Workers have been told that it has "fallen to them (who voted Obama and the Alinskyites in in hope of a better future) to (rather than having their lot improved by him) "sacrifice for the good of the nation". Alinskyism, it seems, has eaaten its own seed-corn.

Here in Virginia we are poised to elect a conservative Republican governor and conservative Republican officials right down the line. This in the state that the Alinskyites boasted they had turned completely Blue last year. More telling, Ohioans, among the hardest hit by the efforts of the Alinskyites to render them ready for "Hope and Change"; seeing little of either, have turned on this fraud, and they are angry indeed. And the anger is spreading. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Alex. One of the bigest problems in our society is the ignorance of history. The economic suffering of the middle class you write of that the Alinskyites need to thrive, is the same sort of calamity that the Nazi party took advantage of after WWI. The Treaty of Versailles placed a mighty burdon of reperations on Germany that stymied it's economy. Hitler promised the people hope and prosperity if they would join hte Nationalist Socialist Workers Party.

The Nazi movement gained support of a few years, until foriegn investors began to stimulate the economy again. During that time there was a lull of gained support. This unknown Austrians ideology didn't seem so important anymore to the working middle class German.

Then the US Stock market crash of 1929 brought the entire worlds economy tumbling. Germany was hit hard by unemployment. The suffering had returned. Hitler blamed all of this calamity on Germany's Democratic Government and the Jews that he claimed had great enfluence on it. The Nazi movement had a new surge of support that eventually carried Adolph Hitler to power as the Furhor.

History is repeating itself now, only Obama is having to manipulate and create the kind of massive economic suffering that will allow him to convence the masses that only he can fix things, if only they grant him his "Enabling Act".


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