Saturday, June 13, 2009


EVERYONE IS DOUBTLESS AWARE of the attack on the National Holocaust Museum on 14th Street NW in Washington D.C.; in which a Museum security officer was shot dead by a "white supremacist" nutbar wielding what we are given to understand was a .22 rimfire rifle. The atttacker was immediately shot and rendered unthreatening by two other security men.

WE AT THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP were aware the second we learned of this that the anti-gun movement would jump right on this, dipping their lace hankies in the dead officer's blood and waving it to advance their fraudulent and corrupt agenda. But we were surprised at the reaction of the Washington Post, who have not said anything about "gun control" in their reporting or editorializing, perhaps to avoid being seen as vultures (Although cartoonist Tom Toles did do a cartoon depicting a Rush Limbaugh looking character as a "cooking show" host offering a recipe for murder that only needed two ingredients: "hate" and a firearm, both of which were available to the bigot depicted as watching the show). Rather, the Post has adopted the tactic of publishing letters to the Editor and "comments", all of which strangely (or not) have the same theme: "We will never be rid of bigots but we can get rid of guns".


This was an attack by a suicidal nutbar. And it is fortunate that he used a rifle. None have considered that a very effective bomb can be constructed of explosives that can be made out of maaterials that are very commonly available and utterly impossible to control. The formula for black powder for instance is very well known. Also well known is that the ingredients for black powder are found in nature. They are saltpeter, charcoal and sulfur. And black powder can make a nasty bomb indeed; and the killer needen't detonate himself, improvised 3-second fuses activated by friction aare also easily made. Imagine if the killer VonBrunn had gotten into the lobby and instead of a rifle pulled out an armed bomb and tossed it over the metal detectors into the crowd? The dead and injured would have been in the dozens. Several strapped to his person would have made him a walking Claymore mine. So it is fortunate he had only a rifle.

It is equally fortunate that there was an armed citizen - a "trained security officer" yes but a citizen nonetheless - to stop VonBrunn before he could shoot another person.

It is doubtful that VonBrunn knew that the Holocaust Museum security people were armed. Killers who use firearms rely on "sensible gun control" to ensure a soft target full of unarmed victims and plenty of time to kill away until the police arrive. They are fully aware of the maxim "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away". And they continue to kill until somebody shows up with a firearm to put an end to the killing. And eliminating firearms will not slow down the killing, in fact it may well speed the killing up. The ingredients for ten pounds of black powder are probalbly within a two-block radius of where you are reading this right now. Oh yes, and Black Powder's other name is....GUNPOWDER!

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