Tuesday, June 2, 2009


     WHEN HE RAN FOR PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama got the votes from the workers in the industrial sections of the Midwest by telling them their straits were all the fault of George Bush and the Republicans, and that electing them would have them back farting through silk.   We found it hard to believe that the people of Indiana and Ohio, where we were raised, would fall for it.  We were wrong, as a drowning man will grasp at straws.  

     NOW these poor saps are finding out who and what they voted for, and it isn't what they thought.   No, far from everybody getting back to work, Obama's bungling of the GM/Chrysler bailout scheme had him telling them over the weekend that things were as a result going to be worse, that factories and dealerships were going to be closing and that suppliers would shutter their shops.  But the good news was that they had been called upon to make a noble sacrifice for their country and children by going jobless.   We know the people from which we sprang, and we know for a certainty that these folks are now aware that they are being - we try to avoid obscenity here but only one thing fits - they are being screwed in the ass by Obama.

     WE have heard and read the words pf parvenue Obama apologists who say Obama's actions were necessary to avoid even more people being thrown out of work.   That statement if made in an Ohio cornfield would fertilize it for the next thousand years.  The fact is that if NOTHING had been done by the Federal Government,  these two companies would have gone into Chapter 11 ANYWAY,  and most likely with less pain than now.   Obama's motive was to keep the Union bosses - NOT the workers but the leadership of the IAW - eating regular meals.    To pretend he is helping the workers by hanging them out to dry is disingenuous to say the least.  This takes an horrific amount of chutzpaugh.  It is also illegal.

     NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION AUTHORIZES ANY OF THIS.  President Obama is violating the very law he swore to uphold.  He should be impeached, tried, convicted and removed from office forthwith.

     THIS President is a danger to our Nation not only on an economic venue (remember those kids he said the workers were sacrificing for?  Well; ONE, how are they going to get fed if Dad is jobless? and TWO,  HE HAS ALREADY PUT THEM HOPLESSLY IN DEBT FOR THE REST OF THEIR ADULT LIVES. )  Obama is also a threat to our very existence.  He has this day stated that the United States should UNILATERALLY DISARM to "set the example" after which the rest of the world will follow.  In the same speech he said that Iran had A RIGHT TO NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!   At a minimum he is all but offering to serve up Israel on a platter to her enemies,  if not also this very Nation to ours.

     WE ARE OBLIGED to extend our sympathies to the good people from which we at the Alexandria Daily Poop were raised.  We do mot blame them for being fooled by this wolf in sheep's clothing.  But we urge them to get angry, very angry indeed; at a so-called President who dines on $100-per-pound imported Kobe beef (when he is not going on a visit to a burger joint which involoves spending $75 grand on a motorcade) , having a special chef flown in from Chicago to make him a pizza, and taking the Missus on a trip that cost well over a quarter BILLION dollars for a dinner and theater date; while they scrounge barren food banks and scramble to keep the very roof over their heads; and then tells THEM  to 'sacrifice" while he leads the high old life.  Even Jimmy Carter had the decency to at least put on a show of shaaring in our privations.   Obama is beginning to act as though he thinks himself our King.  He would do well to remember what we did with the last one we had.


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