Friday, May 1, 2009


THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS EFFECTIVELY TAKEN OVER GENERAL MOTORS AND CHRYSLER. This is a large part of the textbook definition of fascism. And certain aspects of this takeover amount to an outright putsch aagainst the rule of law, which is all that separates us from tyranny.
By law in bankruptcy senior creditors are paid off first. Obama wants to put them last in line, and wants to force them to accept 30 cents on the dollar, to boot; which would likely make them insolvent and in need of a bailout, which would enable Obama to get his hooks into them, also.
All that is missing from this Administration to define it as fascist is rabid nationalism, which so far is noticeably lacking, what with "president" Obama going all over the world apologizing to dictators for our efforts to oppose their tyranny whilst insulting every leader of a free people he meets if in fact he does not snub them outright. But once this Republic is firmly under the thrall of the Left, the nationalism will come, and it will be enforced by government fiat. Then will come the day when the meaning of the Second Amendment will be made horrifically clear. We are hoping for a result in the 2010 mid-term elections that will throw a check on these sinister designs, but more and more it appears that 2010 may be too late.

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da patriot said...

This government under the current administration is rapidly moving in the direction of fascism. The hallmarks of fascism are;
-Severe economic and social regimentation.
-Supress or forbid criticism and opposition to the regime.
-Advocate the creation of a single party State.
-Create jobs and minimize public discontent through massive public works programs financed through high taxes, borrowing, and fiat money.
-Control prices, wages, and consumption.
-Confiscate excess income as taxes.

All of these are currently being done or in the process of being implemented.


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