Friday, May 1, 2009


WHATEVER IT IS NOW BEING OFFICIALLY CALLED we at The Alexandria Daily Poop will call this "new pandemic" what it is: swine flu. It is influenza, and the flu can be dangerous to be sure; but so far maybe 500 cases worldwide and "the authorities" keep ramping up the "emergency" to at present one level below "pandemic". Today the City of Rockville Maryland closed all of its public schools because of two sneezy students. What nonsense.
AND the idiot who is our Vice President said the other day that he would not and would not allow his family to travel on enclosed public transportation for fear of breathing flu-infected air. This caused an outcry from Amtrak and the airlines (among others) and was folowed up by a statement that Biden did not say what he meant, but we are still supposed to take him seriously. As for our Fearless Hoper President, he assured us the other night that he would hold the torch and guide us through this grave threat, and in His Infinite Wisdom counselled us to wash our hands and cover up coughs and sneezes. We are very grateful for this, as there may e one or two people in this nation of 350 million who did not already know this; and thanks to "President" Obama now they do.

COME ON! There is no vaccine available and this thing wil run its course as every round of flu does. Our government is activating "pandemic contingency systems" to see how fast the mass of sheeple can be corralled and subjugated in the name of "public health". Most folks around here just go about their day-to-day business, but in the local governments public officials are running around, mad as hatters, and closing schools and making announcements that everone should stay home.

The Alexandria Daily Poop is pleased to announce that these idiots are for the most part being roundly ignored; with the caveat that we hope their idiot response to this non-crisis is remembered at the voting booth.

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