Friday, February 13, 2009


CORRECT-O FOLKS!! Barack Hussein Obama was yesterday caught in a damned flat-out LIE.

That's right, Obama was caught FLAT OUT LYING about the benefits of his so-called "stimulus" package. See, sheeple; last Monday when the "stimulus" bill was in danger, he helld a press conference the tone of which was quite funereal.

Now I make ny living out of driving a taxicab. And hSometime yeed TWO HOURS for the first call and 45 minutes for the second. Where I could have pulled in a hundred gross, I pulled in twenty.

AFTER the bill was out of trouble the bad-mouthing ceased and business returned to normal levels. "Stampede the Sheeple" is the strategy behind this Obamination of a bill. And Obama is not beyond flat-out lying to make his Socialist dreams come true.

Yesterday Obama claimed that the CEO of Caterpillar, manufacturer of heavy equipment, had told him that if the "stimulus" bill suceeded, then that CEO would be able to reverse the layoffs and re-hire workers. BUT!

When the CEO was asked about this he said: "no, I think we will have to lay off more workers before it gets better".

Thus our Messiah President is exposed as a LIAR.

All you whon read this blog be aware: SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!! Read this bogus "stimulus" bill. It is a LIE. We have not thus far directly addressed Second Amendment rights here (despite the sub-heading of this blog) because theattack has thus far been indirect. But the Second Amendment is NOT TO PROTECT HUNTERS AND TARGET SHOOTERS. It is
rather to protedct us against Government gone insane.

Remember that the Colonists put upwith all kinds of crap from King George. But the FIRST SHOTS FIRED in our Revolution came when the Government came to confiscate the guns. The Obama Administration has plans to do just that. When they do, they will meet MASSIVE ARMED RESISTANCE.

I pray that "THE DAY" will not come. But only totalitarians seek to disarm their subjects. The powers that be may have my firearms when they pry them from MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!! And I ai'nt woofin', either.

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