Monday, December 22, 2014


Gentle readers, I had so hoped to offer - as is usually the case - free copies of my most recent novel to all for Christmas.

Alas, the folks at Kindle seem to be grinches. They no longer allow free promotions, just something they call a "countdown deal".

For a countdown deal to be in effect, the book has to be priced higher than the $1.99 I have been charging for my works.
Well, I went and re-priced all my stuff at $7.95 per book. (Which is what a friend who is a professional marketer told me to do a year ago. She said "People don't want to buy a cheap book" blah blah "I know you just want to get your stuff out but..." blah blah blah.
Well, all my stuff is now "priced to sell" at more than three times the original price. They are still great stories and make great presents. (Plus I make $5.60 off each sale instead of seventy measly cents).
Still, I am disappointed I could not get "A Piper for Danny" out for a free promotion this year.
Watch for the upcoming novel "The Resurrection of Sergeant O'Bannon" around (blasphemous? I hope not.) Easter.

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