Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The lives of the two police officers slain recently in a NYC ambush certainly mattered much more than the dead punks that the angry mobs were out chanting demands for "dead cops" in the name of.
If those idiots want to avoid being killed by the police, well, here's a helpful hint: DO WHAT THE COP SAYS WHEN HE SAYS TO DO IT and you'll be just fine. 
In my life I have had hundreds, even thousands of encounters with the police. These range from "Hello, Officer, nice day, isn't it?" to "Sir, I stopped you because your taillights are out" on through speeding citations, even up to and including - while I was defending myself against a violent assailant - having a cop pull up, get out of his car, draw his Glock and point it at me, and order me to the ground. 
In not one of these encounters have I EVER been killed by the police. Not even once. 
Now all you morons stop chanting in the streets and do something to make your lives matter. Getting a job comes to mind.  

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