Thursday, March 4, 2010


WITH THE ELECTION OF SCOTT BROWN TO THE SENATE SEAT FORMERLY HELD BY TED KENNEDY, and particularly because he waxed her yenta ass good in a liberal-schmiberal state; and generally because of the loss of the DemonRat vaunted "filibuster proof" majority; we thought that "Obamacare" was dead in the water.

WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Even though the polling indicates that 75% of the American electorate wants this bullcrap to die, the Ratz keep going. Why?

BECAUSE THEY ARE AFTER ABSOLUTE POWER OVER EVERY ASPECT OF EVERY AMERICAN INDIVIDUAL'S LIFE.. Obamacare was compared by Rush Limbaugh to the third ring in "Lord of the Rings" which would complete the set giving the posessor absolute power. Rush compared the Ratz to the villain in that trilogy, who went completely nutso trying to get that last ring. With the power Obamacare would give the Ratz, they could control what you eat, wear, drink, and smoke. They could at last realize their wet dream of disarming the People by decalring privately-owned firearms a "health hazard". A whole new layer of government offices and employees could be created to eat out the substance of the people. There is much more, but this is a sinister design on our freedoms. No wonder they are so adamant in the face of such great public opposition.

And this and the other expenses they are laying on our Nation threaten to bankrupt this country. And this is Hoyle according to Alinsky, who said that to effect radical change the common folk have to be rendered impoverished and desperate. (Obama has a Public Service ad out urging people to volunteer to become "Part of America's New Foundation". The Nation was founded on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What is this "New Foundation" shit? Treason, that's what.)

WELL, EVERYBODY THOUGHT THAT THE UBAMANISTA JUGGERNAUT HAD BEEN STOPPED BY THE ELECTION OF BROWN. Too bad we did not realize (or remember) that the DemonRatz consider rules to be valid only when they suit their purposes. Otherwise they change or just flat ignore them. Now the crap has started up again with the Ratz trying to get around the filibuster by various end-runs and corny, hokey tricks such as having a bunch of "doctors and nurses" (who were given white smocks and OR scrub suits to wear by the White House staff) as an audience for a recitation of lies and half truths by "president" Obama in support of this debacle.

All we at the Alexandria Daily Poop can say is, that when this debate began in earnest we were in big financial trouble driving a cab for a living as people were scared and held onto their money; and when Scott Brown was elected the business picked up dramatically within days. Now this crap is starting up again, and people are beginning to notice the boss's attitude start to swing toward having to lay some people off, and they are starting to hoard their money again. Oh well. The good news is that come November, the Ratz are toast.

The bad news is, we may not last that long.

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