Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well, we certainly hope we got your attention. Actually we are in darn near complete agreement with the author of "Liberty and Tyranny". However we must take issue with a remark he made last night.

Mr. Levin said that if the Founders knew what was taking place today would take place they would never have ratified the Constitution. We disagree, for the following reasons:

WE ARE NOT YET IN THE GRIP OF A TYRANNY. Oh, the wannabe fascists are trying and they seem to have met with some measure of success. We do not say that these are not dangerous times for Liberty. They definitely are. But the Founders could see this possibility, and the Document they crafted provided for just such an emergency. Every two years one third of the Senate and every seat in the House is up for re-election. If this does not dissuade those who would pervert the Constitution from attempting to do so or from passing disastrous legislation, The People are able to remove them before their actions have done too much damage; and put in new people who will reverse course and clean up the mess. Witness the tumult over the present various DemonRat boondoggles, notably the "health care reform" nonsense; and the nervousness of many "centrist" Democrats, whose votes are needed if these disasters are ever to see the desk of "President" Obama.

In order to engender said tumult, the Founders gave us the First Amendment. It is very revealing that the Ratz have put out feelers toward blunting criticism by trying to re-institute the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" and otherwise attempting to muzzle the speech of those who disagree; only to find out that they have picked up a very hot potato indeed. And so We the People are being informed of the parliamentary acrobatics used to thwart our will. As the Ratz use cornier and hokier tricks, they are doing so not in the back room and the cloakroom but under the searing spotlight of modern mass media, of which we and Mr. Levin are part. Freedom of Assembly is also beng put to very effective use with the Tea Party movement, and in the midst of all this, demonstrations that the Second Amendment is alive and well are also being made.

Far from being disgusted with the present spectacle, we believe the Founders would be looking at this and feeling pleased that the Constitution is working as intended. We believe they knew very well that such as the DemonRatz would arise. We believe they knew that, as is happening now, they would slowly move to chip away at the Constitution until they believed they had weakened it enough to mount a massive final assault. And we believe they knew that The People would not long sleep, but once rudely awakened take such measures under the Constitution as to quell the threat to our Sacred Liberty. And this is exactly what is happening. The Founders DID see this coming, and our magnificent Constitution is working exactly as designed.

And the Founders also foresaw Mark Levin and this blog, and we believe that we both are doing them proud. And so are the People, as long as they fight. The Constitution is a massive weapon against tyranny; it is a commission to all citizens to act in defense of Liberty. The Militia has been activated and the Sword of free speech, assembly, and the Vote is in our hands; and also we have the Musket if need be. Only tyrants need tremble before us; and make no mistake, they do.

AND SO, MARK LEVIN; Patriot and warrior for freedom though you are, on this point we must very respectfully disagree.

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