Saturday, October 3, 2009


WE ARE EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED that we allowed advertising on this blog, which is conservative and nationalist and most assuredly NOT supportive of "President" Obama and his enablers. And yet when we have tried to get help, there is no readily apparent way in which to register our objections. Our objection is that the readership of this rag, all three of them, are not about to click on an ad for "canonize Obama" T-shirts or "Single payer healthcare now" bumper stickers. Come on Google. How about some ads for firearms or Ann Coulter's latest book or Mark Levin or something?? THAT is what our readers are interested in. Putting an ad for contributions to some Ubamanista concern is like putting an ad for Zyklon B in the Bnai' Brith newsletter.

PLEASE GOOGLE!! Get us some relevant ads or we will drop out. And our apologies to our readers. We don't get to choose the ads, and we do NOT support the Left.

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