Friday, December 26, 2008


Earlier this month the financial muckety-mucks declared that we had been in a recession for some time. Thanks, idiots. We already knew it.
Always some blithering clump of idiots goes on the news to announce statistics about the last two or three months to explain what is happening NOW. "Sales were down in the quarter just ended". Well DUH. And everone gets all out-of-sorts, even though the only "Leading Economic Indicator" that counts - which is how things are right NOW - might show improvement. Listening to these idiot newspeople is like looking out the back window of the car and seeing a city and expecting traffic to get bad. Which it may if you are headed into another city; but just as likely you are going to be getting into open country where you can move. What has been, we already know. And what will be cannot be reliably gauged by what happened two months ago (or more) when, by the way, we knew it was happening in the first place.

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