Wednesday, December 24, 2008


That's right folks. Old Scrooge was a claasic modern Liberal. Sounds unlikely?? Well, consider that:

If Bob Cratchit had tried to join a union to improve his working conditions and pay, Scrooge would have canned his ass so fast it would have made Cratchit's head swim. You say that doesn't sound very Liberal?? Well, friends, let me point you to Nancy Pelosi, our current and Liberal-to-the-very-edge-of-treason "Speaker of the House". Liberal Nancy Pelosi runs a vineyard operation where she refuses to employ Union labor. JUST LIKE EBENEZER SCROOGE!!

Not only that, but when approached by members of a private charity, Scrooge pointed out his belief that taxpayer-funded (and wholly inadequate) government programs were the proper solution to matters of poverty. This is of course a classic Liberal stance. Liberals, like Scrooge (or should I say Liberals like Scrooge) will give the poor the shirt off someone else's back.

And of course Scrooge like the good Liberal he was disapproved of Christmas. Why just last week the pack of morons here in Alexandria who call themselves our "City Council" lit the "Holiday Tree" in Market Square, just outside the historic City Hall where part of the Revolution was plotted. The damn thing is hung with those damn white lights that have become too common; because the symbolism of certain colors may upset this or that group. And I will warrant you that on our City Council there is not a Conservative among them , nor even a moderate but that they are Liberal fools to a man and woman all.

Happily though, Scrooge had an epiphany and became a good God-fearing Conservative; investing in his man Cratchit so as to get a better return and spreading his wealth by buying from people with it. And though the story does not go further, it is likely that Cratchit either founded his own company and produced yet more wealth or at least sent Tiny Tim to a good school where he could learn how to produce and increase wealth.

I only wish those same three Spirits would visit Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. Maybe after I get my wish of World Peace; but I've been waiting for that since I was nine at least, and it hasn't happened.

NONETHELESS it is the Season of Hope, among other things; and so I shall continue to do so; and as Tiny Tim said in the story so let us all say to one another:


A very very Merry Christmas to all, even you Liberals.

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Brian of Nazareth said...

And THAT is why Scrooge is my hero! Once I reached the age of reason (meaning, "became a liberal"), I realized how much I now admire and respect the dear ol' codger. Mind you, not before them nasty spirits had their way with him with their voodoo and made him a soft-hearted sap. My favorite adaptation of Dickens' work is Blackadder's Christmas Carol. It sums up my feelings on liberism in a wonderful nutshell! I urge you to watch it. BTW, it has no less that two actors who were in those awesome Harry Potter movies: Miriam Margolyes (Professor Sprout) and Jim Broadbent (Professor Slughorn).


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