Saturday, August 27, 2016


At first, the Left said Donald Trump was not a "serious" candidate. As the summer of 2015 went on, they said he was "summer entertainment" and would be abandoned the day after Labor Day when folks got down to brass tacks. 

That didn't happen. And Trump was a real bastard toward his Republican rivals, sometimes to an off-putting degree. Yet he proved unstoppable, and won the nomination. 

The Left and the Democrat Party (but we repeat ourselves) freaked. They busily wagged their fingers at the Republicans, admonishing them of "down-ballot" damage and predicting an across-the-board Democrat sweep if Trump was supported. 

That didn't work, so now they're trying to portray Trump as - what else? - a "racist". 

But Trump said in a speech that "That's their playbook. When they got  nothin' then they call you a racist"

The Dems are beaucoup pissed at Trump because he called their cards in front of African-Americans. He (quite accurately) said that they promise black folks a lot, but only keep them in a low state and dependent while expecting them to vote in lockstep with the Party.  

Trump is the first Republican in a while to call bullshit on the Democrats. And no Republican has ever done it so openly and forcefully since Ronald Reagan. And the Democrats are trembling and terrified. 

We cannot wait for the debates. Trump won't hit Hillary with everything but the kitchen sink; he'll hit her with that, too; and then he'll shove it right up her ass. 

All the talking heads on both ends of the political spectrum cannot grasp what is going on. There is a revolution being fought in American politics. We the People are tired of (to paraphrase P.J. O'Rourke) one bunch of elites telling us that government can make us smarter, better off, more attractive and get the crabgrass out of our lawns; and another bunch of elites telling us that government doesn't work and then getting elected and proving it. We are thirsting for a real leader. 

Donald Trump is assuredly not Ronald Reagan come back to life. But he is the Man of the Hour. 

Get used to the phrase: "PRESIDENT TRUMP"!


Well, here we are at the start of yet another school year, and now the campaign of the Left to indoctrinate little kids that a boy who thinks he's a girl or a girl who thinks she's a boy has NO problems, and if you think he/she does, then YOU have a problem is in full swing.  

The new mantra is that sex is "not between the legs but between the ears".  Well, we guess that if one is talking blow jobs, that's at least close to being right. But how freaking ridiculous can this situation become? 


Down in Glouchester, Virginia there's some chick who wants to dress in the boy's locker room. Now, in this case we don't see much of a problem with the possibility of illicit sex taking place,as the young lady in question is pretty damn ugly. But if she's attracted to girls, she's just a bull dagger dyke. But if her "Transgender boy" self is a homo boy, PROBLEM. 

But we are continually admonished by "experts" who have earned a sheepskin from some leftie university that this is really all very normal and the deviants are those of us who think that all this "transgender" babble is crazy talk. 

A few months ago, the Washington Post had an article about twin brothers in Maine, one of whom is now a "post-operative" transgender "female".  The other brother is completely normal (and accepting of his "sister"). The article had a photo of the two of them on a dock in Maine; the normal one looking normal and the "trans" one showing off his tits in a tight sweater and standing there in open-top high heeled clogs that showed off his BIG CLUNKY MAN-FEET. 

The article went on in some length to explain that the different ingredients in the hormonal soup a baby swims in before birth can influence mental sexual development while the genes dictate physical development. THEY DID NOT EXPLAIN HOW THE ONE BOY TURNED OUT "TRANS" WHILE THE OTHER BOY IS NORMAL, EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH WERE BATHED IN THE SAME HORMONAL SOUP BEFORE BIRTH. One thing in the article was very revealing, however. 

It was reported that at the age of three, the "trans" twin asked his mother when his penis was going to fall off. 

Mothers, tell me: Is this a question a little 3-year-old boy would ask on his own? SOMEBODY DID SOMETHING TO THAT LITTLE BOY. 

In any case, we simply cannot be having physical boys showering with physical girls and vice-versa. It's lunacy. It defies common sense. 

And yet, the vast majority of the folks who support this lunacy also rabidly support what they call "common sense" restrictions on firearms rights. These assholes wouldn't know common sense from a hole in the ground. Sheesh.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


A pharmaceutical firm run by Senator Joe Manchin's (D-WV) daughter had recently been roundly criticized for jacking up the emergency anti-allergenic device "Epi-Pen". The device is designed to deliver about two bucks worth of epinepherine (synthetic adrenaline) to block allergic reactions to bee stings, foods, etc.

The injectors come in a set  of two, and used to cost 40-60 dollars until Manchin's daughter got her hands on the company. The price was jacked up to six HUNDRED dollars per set. And now various Congresspersons and Senators and advocacy groups all have their tits in an uproar about life-saving technology being "gouged".  

Relax, idiots. There's a very simple way of putting the EpiBandits in their place. It's called the "free market".  

See, the "Epi-Pen" is patented. But know what ISN'T patented? Epinepherine, that's what. And there is a device that is in the public domain that anyone can manufacture. It's called a "styrette".  

A styrette is a small, collapsible tube similar to a toothpaste tube (but much smaller) with a sterile hypodermic needle at the end. Ever see those WWII shows where the medic uses one of those to inject morphine into a wounded soldier? They'd work just dandy with epinephirine, too. So. 

A styrette would cost about (high-ball estimate) four bucks to manufacture and fill with two bucks worth of epinepherine. sell them for 25 dollars a pair (packed in a double-compartment container the size of a lip balm tube) and double your money. Just as effective at 1/24th the price.  

And if the government would get out of the way and allow styrettes to be sold OTC with a signature the way BronkAid and Sudafed are, there'd be lots less hassle, equaling lots more sales. Lots of asthmatics could use a jolt of epinephirine in an emergency, too.

All somebody out there needs to do is start churning out epi styrettes. That'll teach those Epi-Pen gougers, without need for government blowhards and a herd of money-grubbing so-called do-gooders. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016


There are damn few things we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop agree on with the Left. But turning over part of the criminal justice system to private for-profit enterprises like the Correctional Corporation of America is definitely one of them. The federal government has decided to end this hideous perversion once and for all, and we hope the several States will follow suit. 

A person sentenced to a term of confinement should not be sold to some business concern as a cash cow. He or she is in the custody of the rest of us, and should be tended to by the rest of us. Complaints of maltreatment should be answerable by the government - which is US - and not by some faceless boardhis of directors of some private concern. 

This is not to say we have a soft spot for rapists and murderers. We do not. But fobbing off our responsibilities in the correction of misbehavior and the punishment of crime to a private entity is  just one step away from selling people into slavery. We fought a very costly war over that issue, and it's a bad idea to let that camel get its nose under the tent, for whatever reason.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016



Those are the opening lyrics of the song "Aquarius" from the "Rock-Musical" "Hair"; which the parents of my generation hated (and so we adored it) and which I for one now despise as the degnerate anthem of hedonism which I now recognize it as being.

(Okay, okay. There are a couple of songs which, out of context of the rest of the opus I like. "Frank Mills", "My Conviction" and Abie Baby" I find quite good. But I digress.)

I myself have an "Aquarian" birthdate, and when people find this out they say, "Well, that explains it" (meaning my personality, which was once described in a horoscope (accurately, to give the Devil his due) as being "a curious mix of conservatism and unorthodoxy". 

So, if my being  an "Aquarian" "Explains" me, consider some people who share my Aquarian birthday: 

ELLA FITZGERALD, American jazz "scat" singer

WAYNE GRETZKY, American hockey star
PAUL NEUMAN, American actor and race car driver, 

DOUGLAS MACARTHUR, American five-star general in World War II,

And last but not least: 


The only thing I might have in common with any of these people is that I drink coffee (except for Ceaucescu, who from all reports preferred tea.). 

As to this " Age of Aquarius" crapola, know this: Jupiter aligns with Mars several times each decade, and the Moon is in the astrological Seventh House for two hours each day. 

The fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves. And the Hope resides with God. 

Monday, August 15, 2016


I have recently been in conversation with someone I have known for years. Until just recently, I had thought he was just some street punk who finally decided to straighten up and fly right. 

As it turns out, this guy left home and hit the streets at the age of 11, making his way by stealing, begging, using and selling drugs and prostituting himself  to gay dudes. 

Sometime around when he was 15, an adult tried to rape him on the side of a road. He fought off the attack and made his way into Washington, D.C., 

There, he came up on the street, sleeping in a tree in Dupont Circle when he couldn't find someone to put him up for the night. Usually this was in turn for the pleasures his body afforded his host, and if he could he would leave while his host was still asleep, absconding with the host's valuables. He was not above outright armed robbery, and was arrested a few times; but the charges were almost always dropped due to the victim's not wanting it to come out in court that he was gay. 

In 1989 at the age of 18 he found out he had HIV. 

I gave him food and shelter twice, in 1987 and 1991. He never tried to rip me off, and I suppose this was a combination of the fact that I was sincere in my concern about his well-being and that he knew I was a former policeman. I told him about Jesus and Salvation, but he just blew it off as a fairy tale. But something always told me that the young man had a conscience, and that even through his drug-addled haze it was eating at him. 

At the end of his last stay as my guest, he revealed to me that he was a wanted man. I urged him to let me take him to turn himself in. 

Of course, he refused. 

Later in the Fall of 1991 came our last face-to-face meeting. His legs were covered with lesions, and he had an open sore which he described as "a missing piece of meat".  I thought  I was talking to a walking dead man, and departed in sorrow. 

One day a couple of years ago, I became curious as to what had become of him. I googled his name and found that he now operates a handyman/home remodeling business in nearby Maryland. He finally ran into someone who managed to convince him that God is real and life is worth living. I contacted him and found that his mentor has passed away. He is struggling to keep a roof over his head,  Still, he keeps his faith in God. 

His HIV is under control. He does not have a detectable virus load, and he is hoping to find a mate and father children. He and I are in the beginnings of negotiations to ghost-write his autobiography. He is the only former drug addict I have ever known to rise above his addiction doing everyday, common business and labor rather than becoming a "drug counselor". 

If I do indeed write his auto-bio, it will be marketed and sold under his name, and not mine; and all money will go to him. After all, He (and Jesus) did all the work, after all.  

Sunday, August 14, 2016


I am well aware of various predictions of when "the End" shall take place and under what circumstances. As well, I am aware that scores of theologians, notably Harold Camping, have made failed predictions of the exact date and time of the day and hour. 

Although these predictions have all failed and led to mocking of the very idea of the Second Coming, I am here to tell you that it will happen, and the date is not getting any further away. 

Can anyone imagine that God is going to put up with the goings-on on this planet much longer? There are people around who are positively encouraging kids who don't even know what their genitals are for to think that they are boys if they are girls; and girls if they are boys. 

And Israel, the home of His Chosen People the Jews, is "compassed round about with enemies". Iran, whose leaders describe Israel as a "disgraceful blot" on the map, is in the midst of an effort to develop nuclear weapons. Armageddon is less than 20 years away, and maybe much sooner. 

This is just my personal take on things, informed as best I can manage. Times and dates depend on whether one is using the lunar calendar or the modern sun-based one, or possibly both. But our modern calendar is based on the assumption that Jesus of Nazareth was born at its beginning; and that His Sacrifice at the Crucifixion took place when He was 33 years old. 

This would put the time of the Final Battle between Good and Evil at around 2033. This, according to what I believe, will be preceded by a 7-year "Tribulation" beginning sometime in 2026. Before that begins, I and other Christians will be taken away in what is commonly known as  "The Rapture". 

How this Rapture will occur, I don't know. Lots of people have imagined suddenly driverless cars spinning out into traffic, etc.. But I believe that when the LORD calls me up, my spirit will be separated from this beat-up old jalopy it's currently riding around in and will be encased into a new Glorified body. And thus shall I ever be with the LORD. If I am called up while driving and there's a crash, they will find my body... but it won't be my body anymore.  It will be just the sloughed off sinful shell of a decidedly imperfect human being. A human being redeemed by the Sacrifice of Almighty God Himself on The Cross. 

"No man knoweth the day or hour" of these events, and I do not pretend to know such. But one thing is crystal clear: They are not getting any farther away. The time is short, and these events are closing in. Are you prepared? 

The Bible says: "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is God Almighty, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, then you will be saved". 

I confess, and I believe. 

How about  you? It's your choice.


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