Sunday, February 28, 2016


WE HEARD TODAY THAT RUBIO AND CRUZ HAVE DEMANDED THAT DONALD TRUMP REPUDIATE THE ENDORSEMENT OF IDIOT KU KLUXER DAVID DUKE. We did not even know the "Yuppie Dragon" had endorsed The Donald. But so little that Duke and his ilk do even blips my radar anymore.
In any case, Trump said he didn't know enough abodisavowut Duke to make a decision one way or another. We believe him. Trump has been far too busy making money over the years to pay attention to what a semi-successful Professional Public Spectacle like Duke says or does. Once Trump found out exactly who this nutbar is, he tweeted out a disavowal of Duke's endorsement.  
This was just a ploy by Duke to get his name back in the headlines. Unfortunately - thanks to (of all people) Cruz, Rubio, and the Left; Duke is getting all the attention he has been so desperately seeking lately.
Wise up, folks. whatever David Duke says, just make the "yap, yap, yap" sign with your hand and roll your eyes. Really, if Trump really welcomed a Duke endorsement, he'd welcome it balls-out like he does everything else. 

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