Wednesday, October 1, 2014


We have several times here expressed our hope that you will be able to prevent the firestorm of racial unrest that will almost certainly result should anything happen to the Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest.
It seems to me that you all were doing a fine job until that bitch of a director was appointed to watch over you and supervise you like a pack of 6th graders.  The other day she said she takes "FULL RESPONSIBILITY" for that nut who got into the White House and ran nuts until one of you - who wasn't even on the clock - stopped him.  IF SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DEBACLE WHICH COULD HAVE IGNITED RACE RIOTS IN EVERY CITY IN THE COUNTRY THEN GODDAMMIT SHE SHOULD FUCKING WELL RESIGN!!!!!
If as has been reported the intruder alert was muted at the request of the White House Usher's Office, it was doubtless done either on her orders or because one of you beleaguered SS people feared being reported to Ms. Ballbuster.
Do us a favor, guys. The minute the bitch is gone, turn up that intruder alert loud as a bastard and then test it daily at noon.
And the next time somebody pulls that crap of jumping the fence, let the dogs take a few bites. God knows they've earned it, and so have you.

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