Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's been a hectic year, and not without more than it's share of troubles. But thankfully, these have far from worn down either we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop or our gentle readers.

The Democrat Party has managed to - just barely and not without every dirty trick and lie they could muster and every dollar from every phony American Statist Progressive they could contact - install the carppetbagging Terry McAuliffe (rhymes with "qui'ffe") in the Governor's Mansion in Richmond. The Attorney General's race has been certified to ASP "Red" Herring, but these results are being challenged by Ken Cuccinelli. Interestingly enough, when it liiked as though the Republican Obershain might win the Virginia Attorney General race, the DemonRatz just happened to find an unopened box of ballots that had just enough votes to hand McAuliffe's fellow ASP the victory.
Something is fishy here in Virginia, and I don't mean the James River either.
On a positive note, and thanks to the design of our Republic; ObamaCare had to be rammed through with bribes and arm-twisting, and since no one had bothered to read the thing, no one could have foreseen the dog's breakfast of fuckups and problems that have seemingly daily been rising up. This circus of a "health care law" has people pissed off and concerned, and the Democrats in Congress are feeling the heat of the voters down their necks. Barack Obama is finally showing - without any help from us - just what a stupid, incompetent, lying, low-down snake in the grass we have always said he was.
But the ASPs and those who follow them are hell-bent on turning these United States into a one-party State wherein all that is not prohibited is mandatory. Make no mistake, we are now engaged in the American Civil Cold War. From time to time and in (up to now) isolated cases the war heats up and violence occurs. And it is noteworthy that every last bit of this violence is instigated and incited by the "peaceful" syncophants of the ASPs and NOT the (as the ASPs keep trying to depict them) "radical violent extreme" elements of the TEA party.
Well, enough about politics for now. One other thing I am thankful for is the fact that I am almost ready to publish my THIRD NOVEL on Kindle. The title is "A PIPER FOR DANNY". The rollout will be announced here, and it's bound to be more successful than the rollout of ObamaCare. (Not that this is a hard thing to achieve).

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