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All true science is predicated upon mathematics.  There is a thing called "political science" which is actually taught in our nation's most prestigious universities.  I used to have a layman's term for "PoliSci", to wit, "Bullshit".  

But that was before I found out that the math which backs up "political science" has four basic operations analogous to common mathematics. These consist of :

Mortification, and

These operations are on flamboyant display in the current Republican Primary debates.  The various Republican contenders have an ambition to become the nominee (as the Democrats have an ambition to stay in power).  the swamp of half-truths and lies gives forth a stinking savor as everyone involved attempts to deride the competition and mortify the opponent publicly. But for all the in-fighting, it is still quite evident that We The People are sick and tired of "president" Barack Hussein Obama to the point that if the Republicans were to nominate Spongebob Squarepants he would win in a landslide.

Mortification and derision having yielded little to the Democrat party, there is only one avenue left; which is to say to subtract from  the issue most likely to yield victory to whomever the Republicans wind up bearing the standard against Obama in November. And so the Democrats have elected to use the device of distraction.  

The issue at hand is, of course, the economy.  Bitch all he may about what he "inherited" from George Walker Bush, one of those things he inherited was an AAA credit rating for this nation, since - and on his watch - downgraded to AA. All Obama can say in his own defense is that things would have gotten even worse than they have gotten since he took over if he hadn't taken over, which is (and how conveniently) unprovable. There have been some recent upticks in the economy, but the fact that these occurred after the Republicans took over the House of Representatives and had been able to at least throw a brake on some of Obama's more disastrous policies is also something the Democrat leadership needs to distract the attention of the voters away from.  

The vehicle they have chosen to invite We The People to take a ride on is so-called "social issues".  By this, they mean mainly abortion and homosexuality in particular; and the unbridled expression of sexual desire between "consenting adults" and between kids of whatever separation of years of age they - the Democrats - deem appropriate in general.  (and if you are a Democrat who votes in line with the leadership, even pederasty is tolerable; but God help you if you are a Republican who ever had a closed-door conference with a young male staffer or a page!)

So it is that the Republican candidate debates are moderated by "television journalists" who are no such thing but who are patently Democrat hacks.  Chris Matthews, David Whatsisname, GEORGE FUCKING STEFANOPOULIS???  These are not "impartial moderators".  They are flat-out Democrat operatives whose agenda is to embarrass the Republican candidates in any way they can. 

In the most recent debate, George Stephanopoulis (how the hell do you spell his name? look it up for me, okay?) asked one insanely ridiculous question after another, the most ludicrous being if the candidates would support a state having the right to outlaw condoms. 

CONDOMS! Let me get this crap straight: People are out of work, some families are making porridge out of bullion and stale bread, and the big concern is that some state in this Blessed Union might go nuts and outlaw RUBBERS????  And yet Boy George deems this distinctly remote possibility a Very Serious Issue befitting a debate over the future of these United States.  

"Gay marriage"? For just right now, WHO THE FUCK CARES?? I recently read in the "society pages" of the Washington Post that Olympic figure skating champ Johnny Wier got "married" to some other kid who's a law student at Georgetown (or wherever).  Good for them.  I'd even have sent them a wedding gift, except I can't seem to find a roll of toilet paper with a birth certificate printed on each square.  

It's just amazing (or not) how the Left has decided that the three most important things to protect are not Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; but rather legal abortion on demand, atheism (as long as it is directed against Christianity and Judaism), and sexual freedom (within, of course, parameters defined by them). 

The way the Statist Left leadership of the Democrat Party sees things, rights are NOT "endowed by the Creator" but rather granted   by the government, which government they see themselves as the only legitimate members of.  George, Chris, David and their ilk see themselves as the leaders of the Democrat Inquisition dedicated to exposing the heresy -as represented by the Republicans - against Statist supremacy.  

The mainstay of this assault is the denial of God, and with good reason.  God has thwarted many an evil endeavor. The most common two word phrase in the Christian Bible is: "But God..."

And so this rash of anti-God sentiment in the public debate has been met by the appearance of one Tim Tebow, an NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos who is a devout Christian. Tebow is known for (among other things) inscribing the eye-black below his eyes with a reference to the Bible verse "John 3:16" (For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son; so that whosoever shall believe on Him; shall never Perish but shall have Everlasting Life").

And for exactly this public bearing of an assurance of pardon from eternal condemnation Tebow is excoriated by the very people who are trying to distract people from the economy and make them think that the Republicans want to burn atheists and homosexuals at the stake.  

Indeed, when the Broncos lost one a few weeks ago, the Lefties were dancing up and down and wetting their pants and trumpeting that this "proved" that Tebow's Christianity was a sham.  

But last Sunday, in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tebow threw an 86 yard touchdown pass on the very first play, ending the game with a win.  And one more item:

Tebow's total passing yardage for that game was exactly "3:16" yards.  The Lefties, of course, call it "coincidence". 

But God....

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