Monday, July 25, 2011


IS THERE NO END TO THE FRAUD BEING COMMITTED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT? Well, we hope there will be finally in about 16 months. Here's the latest revelation (although this has been going on for years)

BACK IN 1961, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHED A P.O. BOX IN WEST VIRGINIA TO WHICH PRIVATE CITIZENS, OUT OF LOVE FOR COUNTRY, COULD SEND CONTRIBUTIONS WITH WHICH TO "PAY DOWN THE NATIONAL DEBT". Since then, countless people have sent contributions ranging from a few dollars to several hundred and even thousands of dollars.

I was disappointed - but not in the least surprised - to find out from today's Washington Post that NOT ONE DIME OF THAT LOOT has been used to pay down the debt. It has instead been dumped into the General Fund and spent.

Caught with their fingers in the cookie jar, the people at the "Office of the National Debt" explained that the money was used to keep the government from having to borrow even more than they have.


Parents, if your kid in college is using your credit card and maxes it, and you send him money with instructions to pay off the card balance; and if instead he spends it on pizza and beer and tells you that he did this because it would make it possible for him to get by without putting more on the card, would you say: "Great idea, Johnny! That's using the old noodle!"?

The real corker is that this fund was created by an act of Congress in order to enable a rich widow to donate her entire estate to the Federal Government. She thought she was helping get the United States out of debt. Instead she probably wound up paying for that slinky sequinned dress that Marilyn Monroe wore to sing Happy Birthday to JFK; perhaps for a Happy Ending by Marilyn for JFK's birthday; and possibly even for the pills and booze she OD'ed on.

Max Bialystock would be so proud. Defrauding widows. Tsk.

Now comes "president" Obama saying that Boehner "left me at the altar" because Boehner would not agree to a smoke-and-mirrors tax increase AND a debt ceiling increase with some nebulous promises of spending "cuts" (Meaning not spending as much more next year than we did this year as we had planned, which is only a "spending cut" if you are a wheedling teenager or a Democrat). Obama asked, "Is there ANYTHING the Republicans will say "yes" to?"

Well, there is. They just won't say yes to letting you and the rest of the rats have ever more of the people's cheese while you call it "austerity". Look, buster. the Republicans were voted in to BE the "party of NO". NO to any more of your shenannigans.

Right now this country borrows 42 cents of every dollar of spending. The Federal Government MUST be cut by 2/5ths AS A START.

THAT is why we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop say that, unless the Republicans get massive steep cuts with NO increase in taxes; they should deny ANY increase in the debt limit. Republicans don't want a default, and there is sufficient money coming in to finance the debt plus more. Failing to raise the US Credit Limit will NOT result in default.

It WILL result in Obama having to make cuts more massive and severe than anything the Republicans are demanding. And our side is set to play their cards right. You DemonRat goofs will get this laid right at your doorstep, where - for the record - you know damned well it belongs.

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