Tuesday, April 6, 2010


THE "SINGLE INTEGRATED OPERATIONAL PLAN" is America's blueprint for waging nuclear warfare if - and God forbid - it becomes necessary. Data comprising the latest intelligence estimates of world tension, upheaval, known and estimated nuke cpbilities of various nations, etc; are reviewed by "president" Obama and the Joint Chiefs and thed fed into a supercomputer which then wages virtual nuclear war using several scenarios and spits out casualty estimates for each possibility. It was highly secret until yesterday.

Yesterday, "president" Obama issued a directive stating that the United States would NOT use nukes in self defense in a multitude of scenarios wherein their use would formerly have been justified.

This is right up on the line of treason. Obama has just revealed a big part of the SIOP.

Let me be very clear here and also very careful not to advocate treason myself.

Barack Hussein Obama should be immediately be arrested for treason. He should then be tried, and convicted in a competent Court of Law for treason. And then he should be sentenced to and put to death in the manner prescribed by law. For treason.

Now I know there is but a snowball's chance in hell of this happening, and I m not advocating extra-legal means nor the overthrow of the government. But I am by God saying that Obama is a criminal. Right this red-hot minute, we still have the ballot. If it was not evident before, then unless you are blind it is eviodent now, and it stinks to high Heaven.

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