Saturday, December 12, 2009

Letter From The Editor: EPA OVERREACH

I HAVE NOT WRITTEN HERE FOR A WHILE. THERE IS JUST SO MUCH HAPPENING AND SO FAST THAT IT IS HARD TO KEEP UP. Even when I have thought I could have been confounded, amazed, astonished and infuriated to the limits of human tolerance, a new outrage has come along seemingly daily if not hourly. I must add that one bright spot was seeing "president" Obama accepting his Nobel Peace Prize and then lecturing the idiot peacenik Norskers about the necessity of warfare in defense of liberty. Oh, I do not believe for a minute that he believed - or possibly even understood - a word of what he said (except the parts wherein he praised himself). But Obama is all about which way the wind blows, and right now the wind is not blowing his way. However it was worth watching the Nobel Committee sit and listen to a speech basically telling them that their pacifist attitudes need to be adjusted to reality; and seeing the looks on their faces that said (as many Americans now also feel) "Why in HELL did we vote for this TOOL??"

And then there was Tiger Woods, who evidently only uses the big head on the golf course and is guided at all other times by the little head of Mister Wiener. But really, who gives a damn about Tiger Woods? Some guys canoodle and lose everything, and everybody knows some schmoe who has done exactly that. Tiger could split the community property with his wife, pay off anyone who needs to be paid off, and still have enough dough to live very well indeed. So fuck him.

But the Left keeps throwing sucker punches; and a few days ago one came out of the blue: The Environmental Protection Agency has decided to take what they like to call a "Supreme Court Mandate" concerning regulation of CO2 and run with it.

The (Director?) of the EPA is some goddamned bitch who is a fanatical environmental wacko. She has announced her intent to agressively implement controls on CO2; which by the bye is what every living thing exhales every minute of every hour of every day. The way this Leftist battleaxe looks at things, she has the power to come into your bathroom and shut off the hot water because heating it requires burning fuel and "producing" CO2. And I am not kidding either, she is just that unhinged.

Now this obsession with so-called "greenhouse gases" is ostensibly to protect you, me, and the Planet. But in reality what this Leftist - words fail me - cunt wants is what Obama and Reid and Pelosi want with their "cap and trade" and Obamacare crapola. They do NOT give a good god damn about sick little kids, "The Uninsured", "The Environment", melting ice caps, cute little 10-foot-tall maneating polar bears (who are doing just fine thank you, "global warming" or no), or anything else save for POWER and CONTROL.

So the EPA wants to tell me I cannot have a hot shower?? FUCK YOU. I will have you know, Little Ms. Bitch; that not only do I shower every day in water hot as I can stand (The better to get the diirt off) but I also stay in there a long time with the water running at FULL BLAST thanks to the fact that I have surgically removed the idiot flow restrictor on my shower massaage unit (and now the massage is dandy!) AND I shave at the end while my beard is nice and soft.

And since I have a couple of guitars, I keep the AC on all day and night 24-7 in the summer so as to have a constant temperature so they won't warp. How you EnviroNazis like THAT shit? HUH??

The time for these jokers is short, indeed. But we in the meantime nust resist with everthing we have. If we do not, there may not be an America to have an election in come November 2010.


The Donkey said...

I won't cry too much if President Obama makes you pay more for your hot showers -- when your showers cause my brother's house in Miami to flood and possibly float away.

Anonymous said...

you are a funny man. Your Bro.


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