Thursday, September 10, 2009


ON TUESDAY, THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL HERE IN ALEXANDRIA, "President" Barack Hussein Obama travelled to Wakefield High School in Arlington County to deliver an "inspirational message" to the Nation's schoolkids. What he appeared to say was that the kids should learn to be responsible and study hard and in fine all the usual stuff that kids need to hear every day from their PARENTS, and for the most part do. It was just the standard lecture in the den, or so it seemed.

BUT IF ONE LISTENED CLOSELY the true meaning of Obama's message became clear. It is obvious that Obama did not mean that students should "take responsibility" for themselves. After all, his proposals - especially health care - show clearly that he believes that none of us are capable of being responsible for ouselves and we all need his help. No, what Obama meant was that the students should prepare themselves for the responsibility of serving the Government!! Quite a difference. There is an old National Socialist propaganda film outlining these kinds of ressponsibilities, and it ends with an entire family gathering outside their picket fence - Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son (dressed of course in his Hitler Jugend uniform) and giving the fascist salute to a passing parade. The voice-over says(translated): "Do your best part for the Nation and then you will be part of the best Nation!"

THAT was the entire gist of Obama's back-to-school speech. The original plan was to have teachers nationwide follow it up with an essay assignment to write about "How can I help President Obama?" That, however, drew howls of protest and was dropped in hopes it would be forgotten. But it will not be.

THEN LAST NIGHT JUST ABOUT 24 HOURS BEFORE THESE WORDS WERE WRITTEN, "President" Obama made a speech about "his" health care plan. A Congressman, One Joe Wilson (R-La) yelled out "YOU LIE!!!" For this he (Wilson) is being roundly criticized by - of course - DemonRatz. We also have some criticism for Wilson; namely that he did not yell "LIAR" loudly enough nor often enough. The entire speech was one big lie.

FIRST AND FOREMOST OBAMA DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A PLAN. He is shilling for two bills, one in each House of Congress, neither of which he has either written or read. To call these two bills "my plan" when he wrote not a word of either is a lie. He is just a salesman and he is - as he did during the campaign last fall- selling a bill of goods. We are not buying any, and neither should you.

We were pleased to learn that a few members of Congress read this collection of our rantings, and so we would like to say to you in particular that is you wish to keep your jobs in November of next year, then you MUST bury this abysmal "reform" bill AND the equally insidious "Cap and trade" nonsense. One thing informs us in our writings better than most polls and that is the fact that; as we operate a taxicab for a living we get people from all over the country and from all walks of life. There is a growing perception in the USA that the Obamanista Demon-Ratz are not "creeping Socialism" but rather "creeping fascism"; and many fear that Obama's goal is to have fascism break into a dead run. If YOU don't stop it, then I guarantee you We the People will replace you in about 14 months with people who will. You have been warned.

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Anonymous said...

A-freaking-men. I don't think anything the Obamanation of Desolation has said has been true. The man is pimp. A political pimp. He can keep his "change" I want my money back


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