Sunday, April 19, 2009


"TEA PARTY' PROTESTS HAVE BECOME COMMONPLACE here in America and April 15th (tax deadline day) was a day of much activity. Hundreds of these protests were held nation wide.
The liberal drive-by media tried at first to ignore them. But the movement is so large that these slugs have taken to attacking and belittling them. They have stooped to Junior High School locker-room insults about "teabagging" and the like, these "journalists" who want to be taken so seriously.

BUT IF YOU LISTEN TO THE REPORTING you will notice a note of fear in their voices. The pressure cooker is rattling ever more loudly. The common American Citizen is beginning to realize that he or she has been bamboozled by these types and the politicians whose synchophants they are. In the rattling of the pressure cooker they hear echoes of the rattle of the rattlesnake: DON'T TREAD ON ME!
And they are not wrong in this regard, and they know it, and they tremble.

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