Monday, March 23, 2009


AS A MATTER OF FACT, HERE AT THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP WE ARE IN FACT OPPOSED TO EXCESSIVE TAXES AND EXPENDITURES, and we think calling two dudes "gay marriage" is like calling gasoline "combustible drinking water". As goes abortion, our position is that while editorially we deem it wrong, still the God who created us all entrusted women and not men with developing life within them. And so what a woman shall do with the life developing within her is a matter between her and God. As to the matter of "partial birth" abortion, we believe it amounts to getting away with murder "on a technichality"; the thechnicality being that murder consists of killing a human "with independent circulation", and breathing is part of that. We will see if God's Justice is based on technichalities. We have from time to time engaged the proponents of this barbarity and informed them of this position on our part. What is somewhat revealing is the fact that the atheists among them do not feel content to dismiss our reliance on the Perfect Judgment of Almighty God (in whom they profess not to believe); even though we do not advocate statutes making it a crime to perform the procedure, and for the reasons outlined above. Were we content to leave the matter in the hands of a non-existant (for so they claim to believe) Supreme Being (and we are) then why does this declaration that it is not our business but that of the God (who they say does not exist) so anger them that they fly into an often violent rage?? We have come to the conclusion that these people ar not so much in favor of abortion; as they are vehemently opposed to a God whom they claim does not even exist. Why this is we will leave to the reader to figure out, but we and all of us could do without the road closures and traffic jams that result from the often demonstrations ov points of view on the subject.

These in a nutshell are the things that define the perception of conservtism for the common ( and woefully misinformed but that is no fault of theirs) mass of Americans. But conservatism is more than that; conservatism is, ironically, all about that LIBERAL be-all-and-end-all, CONSERVATION.
Liberals are really stoked on "conserving" natural resources, energy, forests, Bambis, polar bears, sea ice, spotted owls, redwoods, in fine EVERYTHING EXCEPT FREEDOM , which to attain thier "conservationist" ideals must be to a greater or lesser degree sacrificed. Yet when wartime measures against an horrible enemy are proposed, which sanctions are directly and surgically aimed at a FORIEGN ENEMY; these same liberals decry the sacrifice of freedom for safety from an active enemy while at the same time advocating slapping more and more restrictions on everyday life in the name of "saving the Planet" from a theory called "climate change", which they push using outrageous lies and deceptions.

For instance, a few days ago the Washington Post ran an article with a headline saying that "sea levels" were rising "faster" in the Chesapeake Bay than on the rest of the planet.


How in hell can "sea level" differ from point to point since of course water seeks sea level the world over. We know the USA is the most advanced nation on Earth, but.......

Of course the implication was that since we in the USA have contributed more to "global warming" (er, "climate change") we are being punished by having sea level encroach on us faster.

But as it turns out, the article was about a bunch of islands in the Chesapeake Bay which were pushed up by the pressure of advancing glaciers eons ago and have been settling ever since. This settling, and not the rise of sea levels allegedly caused by melting Arctic ice (which, since it was floating on water to begin with would not cause sea levels to rise one bit - check your basic high school physics ) is responsible for the disappearing beaches on these island resorts.

Such are the things we conservatives have to deal with. Just a few random editorial thought from the Alexandria Daily Poop.

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AMCIT said...

Yes, there's someone out here.

And, for the record, I'm a pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, pro-gun, non-Christian conservative.

I don't believe conservatism has much of anything to do with god, gays, or abortion. In fact, I think conservatives have hurt themselves by projecting such images.

Conservatism is personal responsibility. It's compassion for mistakes, and imperfections, and allowing individuals to work their ways back, or improve themselves. It's not a handout, and it's not protecting individuals from themselves.


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